Welcome to FNB Merchants


The FNB Merchants story actually begins, in many ways, in the mid 1800’s. First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO) was founded in 1857. In 1953, FNBO became one of the first players in the credit card industry, offering both credit card issuing and processing services. In 2004, FNB Merchants was formed to distribute FNBO’s credit card issuing and processing services beyond the FNB footprint, and charged with delivering a higher level of service and profits to community banks across the country. Early on, it was apparent that many community banks were risk adverse to more than a referral relationship, and so began the quest to mitigate risk to an extent that financial institutions would be amenable to a more robust offering.

In 2005, our quest took us all over the United States and ultimately to Washington D.C., where we met with regulators and legislators both to better understand how they saw ID Theft and fraud risk. From there, it was apparent that the industry as a whole was not properly identifying the risk nor properly prepared for the growing threat.

Next, we took our first of many trips to Israel in search of state-of-the-art authentication tools. By 2006, Secure Identity Systems was formed and quickly held three North American Patent Rights for Identity Theft Prevention and Authentication. By the time the regulatory “Joint Release Red Flag Rule” was handed down, SIS was the only company in the entire United States to have a complete end-to-end solution already in place, addressing everything from Institutional Risk Assessments to a Policy and Procedure Manual, an Employee Training program, New Account Authentication, Change of Address Verification, Anti-Phishing and “covered account” ID Theft protection programs.

Secure Identity Systems has added Data Breach Insurance Coverage, Post-Breach Recovery Services, and Credit Card Breach Program for Merchants to their list of services that protect and defend financial institutions, businesses and individuals from Identity Theft.

Today, the FNB Merchants family of companies (First Payment Services and Secure Identity Systems) serve over 700 financial institutions across the United States.