First Payment Services


"We believe it is possible to offer a greater level of personalization and service than has ever been seen in the banking industry before. The ability to out-serve other banks is crucial in the current competitive markets to acquiring and retaining customers."
Bryan Ansley, CEO
First Payment Services®

First Payment services provides merchants with their most requested needs: Lower Costs, Better Security and Personal Support. We understand that addressing these issues opens the door to better service for your company and even more customers. We are always finding new ways of improving price and service opportunities by always staying on the cutting edge of technologies that benefit our customers. We understand the needs of both merchants and financial institutions.

First Payment Services provides a broad array of support surrounding credit card services:

  • Implementation
  • Ongoing Compliance solutions
  • Tracking reports
  • Customer marketing materials
  • Customer education about your bank's credit card services
  • Risk Mitigations tools
  • Internal loan review

As a response to the increased security and anti-theft needs of its merchant customers and financial institutions, FPS® traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with regulators and legislators to better understand fraud risk and identity theft. It was apparent the industry as a whole was not properly identifying the problems or prepared for the growing threat.

FPS then traveled to Israel in search of state-of-the-art authentication tools. By 2006, FPS held three North American Patent Rights for anti-fraud and authentication technologies.

By the time the regulatory “Joint Release Red Flag Rule” was handed down, FPS was the only company in the United States to have a complete end-to-end solution already in place.

Currently, there are over 400 institutions in the U.S. using our state-of-the-art authentication and anti-fraud programs.

Our offer includes:

Products:  Different processors excel in different areas. While some are strong in the mobile processing arena, others may be better processing different types of services, such as fuel. First Payment Services (FPS) works with several of the largest processors in the world. With this versatility, FPS is able to offer a more comprehensive solution, including Best of Breed mobile solutions, fuel merchant options, and grocery and higher risk merchant processing solutions. In addition, we offer in-demand features such as next day funding and breach protection along with patented enhanced authentication and encryption products.

Pricing:  With our national footprint, we are able to negotiate pricing with each of the processors that enables your bank to provide market dominant pricing and maximum profitability.

Customer Service:  FPS offers award-winning customer service provided in the US, and a dedicated customer service representative for your merchants.

Marketing: Our marketing department will work alongside your marketing team to develop customized traditional as well as innovative web and email marketing solutions. Now you can devote more time to your customers and growing your business, knowing you will always receive the best of breed marketing and advertising solutions.